Park Place International Introduces the MyOpSus Portal

November 27, 2012....Park Place International is proud to announce the launch of MyOpSus, our web-based customer portal for OpSus Cloud Services customers.  Customers are able to view the status of their open requests and tickets for OpSus services, and submit new ones.  My OpSus also includes a knowledge base of articles to address frequently asked support questions, built by the OpSus Cloud Services team, and accessible by all MyOpSus users.  With a MyOpSus account, customers have access to all tickets opened for their organization.  Coming soon, the MyOpSus portal will allow users to view real time infrastructure monitoring information and reports for OpSus services. 

MyOpSus is the unique tool Park Place provides customers, enabling access to OpSus Cloud Services, available around the clock from any location.  Our customers are also able to access our U.S. based OpSus Support hotline via phone (855-28-OpSus), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  MyOpSus gives our customers the power to control and manage their MEDITECH environment while leveraging the operational benefits of the cloud.