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The Value of Strategic Partnerships

Published on 05/07/2013 by Mark Luquire
Category: Healthcare IT

I recently had the privilege to attend and speak at the annual CA World conference at the end of April (http://parkplaceintl.com/News_Events.html) .  The conference focused on many areas of the Information Technology space, from monitoring to client device management, mobile device management, performance management, capacity management and more.  If you had an area of interest in IT, it was likely represented.

I was asked to present on Park Place International’s best practice deployment of cloud-based monitoring solutions in our own OpSus cloud infrastructure.  As a cloud service provider, we believe in using cloud-based tools as well!

As part of our OpSus Cloud Services, we offer MyOpSus, a web-based customer portal that leverages CA Nimsoft toolsets to continuously monitor the cloud environment.  Through MyOpSus, we also provide customer access to the data.  Imagine being able to have an entire hospital EMR hosted in the cloud without losing the ability to access real-time and historical performance data about your entire infrastructure… that’s what you get with OpSus.

Monitoring is critical to any environment, but especially in the healthcare space.  As providers become even more dependent on the availability of these critical systems, detecting potential issues before they happen is imperative.  The ability to evaluate trends and historical data across a quickly growing infrastructure creates an environment where we can begin to head-off issues before they become critical or in some cases, before they even happen.

We kept this in mind as we selected and customized the toolset for our OpSus offering, integrating monitoring and proactive alerting with support and systems management tools, reporting, and a continually evolving knowledge base.  The result is a fully functioning portal where customers have the power to control and manage their MEDITECH environment while leveraging the operational benefits of the cloud.

While at CA World, I was also asked to participate in a panel discussion which focused on how organizations work through the system selection process.  Many key insights made during the discussion underscored the importance of understanding who your strategic partners are.  Ensuring you have a good relationship with a vendor that understands your needs and will work with you through the lifecycle of the purchase, implementation, and use of the purchased solution and beyond can be critical to your success.  Park Place and CA’s strategic partnership has resulted in a tool that enhances and improves our overall cloud service delivery and provides ongoing value to our customers.

Mark Luquire is the Cloud Operations Manager at Park Place International.  He has been in the healthcare IT space for nearly a decade.  Mark managed teams of engineers providing services for more than 60,000 end users at the enterprise Healthcare IT level.  He brings experience with a wide breadth of technologies including MEDITECH, Citrix, network services, identity management, and more with a passion to make sure the patient is always considered.