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Captain's Log

Published on 04/10/2014 by Clay Sides
Category: Healthcare IT, Change Management, Project Management

I love a good teaser. When someone puts out a statement that seems authored by Captain Obvious himself, it makes me take notice. Is this person about to make me realize something that I've taken for granted that is going to rock my world, or make me realize they were the goalie for the dart team in college?  Is this person "smart"?"Smart" is something everyone has been striving for, but I'm here ...

Musings on HIMSS 2014

Published on 03/12/2014 by Jay Bazzinotti
Category: Healthcare IT

HIMSS 2014 was my first trade show as a Park Place employee, and my first experience with the healthcare IT industry. I was standing in the booth the first day of the event when a man came by and looked around.“Can I help you?” I asked.“Not really,” he said, “We used to use Park Place International but my company switched to another vendor. But sometimes I still get advice from your people....

Notes from the HIMSS14 Exhibit Hall Floor

Published on 03/03/2014 by Ken Brasch
Category: Healthcare IT

After attending the HIMSS conference in Orlando last week, I would say 2014 is the year of analytics.  Booths all across the HIMSS exposition floor advertised solutions focused on outcomes and quality.  For the longest time, we have heard the Ford commercials with the slogan “Quality is Job 1”.  In the drive to report on clinical quality measures to meet Meaningful Use objectives, healthcare is now faced with the challenge of how to harvest the ...

A Day In the Life

Published on 02/19/2014 by Dan Sabo
Category: Healthcare IT

It’s getting hard to keep up.  How do you keep your equipment up to speed, your techs sharp, your budget low? How do you balance it all, keeping users happy, protecting your data, keeping your network secure…..while (hopefully) sleeping at night?I’ve seen the frustration firsthand.  Hospital IT departments have to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and architectures, while delivering reliable and responsive services to their users.  When doing a hardware refresh, ...

Keys to Managing a Successful Project

Published on 01/29/2014 by Donna Dean
Category: Healthcare IT, Project Management

I was a little nervous to write my first-ever blog.  I don’t spend a lot of time on social media and what insight would I have to offer to my high tech peers and colleagues?  But then I thought, Project Management doesn’t have any specific boundaries and is an important skill set across all industries and job roles.   In this article, I’ve outlined some tips and tricks to help you successfully manage ...

PCI-DSS — A short acronym for a long journey — Part 3

Published on 01/15/2014 by Ashini Surati
Category: Compliance

So you think having an approved scanning vendor (ADV) scan a couple of your external IP’s 4 times a year for a bundled cost of $189.00/year, and attesting to a questionnaire means you are PCI-DSS compliant?  Think again.The goal is to complete due diligence to ensure a secure network and organization at all levels against all kinds of threats. Complete your assessment as discussed in Part 2 of this blog article (http://parkplaceintl.com/blog/pci-dss-short-acronym-long-journey-part-2/).  You ...

Disaster Recovery: The Business Impact Assessment

Published on 12/11/2013 by Mark Middleton
Category: Disaster Recovery

As you prepare your Christmas checklist for those that you love, let’s not forget to include a stocking stuffer our old friend, Disaster Preparedness. After all, he never sleeps! Over the last decade, we’ve experienced a staggering increase in natural disasters as demonstrated in a recent FEMA chart (2013 not included).In our last Disaster Recovery segment, we discussed the building blocks of a Disaster Recovery program and did a high level overview of the first ...

Microsoft Licensing: the Everlasting Mystery Part II – Licensing for Hosted Desktops and Shared Hosted Desktops

Published on 09/25/2013 by Mark Luquire
Category: Microsoft

Now that we have discussed the basics of Microsoft licensing for the VDI environment in my last blog article (http://parkplaceintl.com/blog/microsoft-licensing-everlasting-mystery-part-licensing-basics-vdi-environment/) onward to licensing the Hosted Desktop side of VDI we go.  When talking about Hosted Desktop solutions, depending on the product you are using, you may have a choice between using a Windows Server O/S (Windows 2008/2012) or a Windows Desktop O/S (Windows 7/8).  There are major differences in licensing that come into play here.  ...

Pondering the Computing Client

Published on 09/17/2013 by Jim Fitzgerald
Category: Healthcare IT, Networks

Having streamed last week’s Apple announcements on iPhone and iOS 7 during my morning commute, I found myself wondering again about the true future of the “desktop”.  It is a dangerous realm in which to speculate, in the sense that almost every pundit who has prophesied the downfall or revolution of a mainstream technology has done so too late or too early.  That being said, the area bears some discussion.The vast majority of our ...

Managing The FAL

Published on 09/10/2013 by Thom Daley
Category: Systems Monitoring and Management

If you’re a MEDITECH customer, and let’s face it you’re probably not reading this blog unless you are or you’re a fan of yours truly (in the latter case you probably should seek help), then you’ve heard about the FAL issue.  See MEDITECH's bulletin:  https://customer.meditech.com/en/d/prwsystems/pages/sys6csfragmentationbulletin.htm.  If you’re running MAGIC then you can stop right here but if you’re either running C/S or MAT, or are ...