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Getting Ready for MEDITECH Patient and Consumer Health Portal

Published on 02/11/2015 by Karen Giampietro
Category: Blog, MEDITECH, Patient Portal

What is Patient and Consumer Health Portal?The Patient and Consumer Health Portal is MEDITECH’s mechanism to actively engage patients in their care by allowing them access to online health information.  It allows the patient, and their authorized family members, access to a variety of information from exchanging secure messages with providers, obtaining Health Summaries, scheduling appointments, and a variety of other clinical and billing information.Beyond the application layerAs a Project Manager here at Park Place ...

Improving Your Productivity by Going Paperless

Published on 09/15/2014 by Gregg Burton & Donna Dean
Category: Healthcare IT, Project Management

Are you having trouble finding that important piece of information in the stack of papers on your desk?Are you hoping to eliminate the chaos and become more organized and efficient in your daily tasks?Then let us introduce you to a new tool for improving your productivity – the digital notebook.  There are a variety of options available, but two of the more popular are OneNote and Evernote.  Features may vary, but any digital notebook will ...

Heroic Intervention Not Required

Published on 08/13/2014 by Jim Fitzgerald
Category: Healthcare IT

This is my first blog after a long absence. My reticence has been mainly self-inflicted. I like to find the humor in how seriously the technology industry takes itself, and how ironically that often plays out in the world of healthcare information systems, and then insert hot skewers in the appropriate soft spots. The problem of late is that the HCIS space isn’t generating a lot of funny material. Here in the USA, our entire industry has been ...

Identity and Access Management

Published on 07/14/2014 by Mark Luquire
Category: Security

It sounds like a mouthful but one of the most important areas that any healthcare IT organization will have to deal with in the new world of HITECH and Meaningful Use is Identity and Access Management.  Let’s think about this for a minute.  Healthcare IT organizations have always been responsible for managing the user accounts within the organization, facilitating access to various systems ranging from the electronic medical record (EMR) to email to file servers (i....

Healthcare and Insider Attacks: An Ounce of Prevention

Published on 06/13/2014 by Jay Bazzinotti
Category: Security

Recently a woman in Winton Hills, Ohio sued the University of Cincinatti Medical Center because her bitter ex-boyfriend, who worked at the hospital, and two other employees posted her medical records on Facebook. If proven, this activity represents a tragic breach of HIPAA and illustrates how an insider can put a healthcare organization at risk. A recent Information Security study suggested that American healthcare organizations spend six percent of their budget or more on implementing security tools, policies ...

Common Sense Tips for Getting and Staying Organized

Published on 04/24/2014 by Donna Dean
Category: Project Management

My job as a Project Manager is to make order out of chaos.  I don’t mean to imply that all projects are chaotic. However, it is easy to lose track of details if you don’t have a good organizational system to capture them.  Many books and articles have been written on the subject.  And as anyone who has stood in a grocery line surveying magazine covers can attest, this topic gets lots of press ...

Captain's Log

Published on 04/10/2014 by Clay Sides
Category: Healthcare IT, Change Management, Project Management

I love a good teaser. When someone puts out a statement that seems authored by Captain Obvious himself, it makes me take notice. Is this person about to make me realize something that I've taken for granted that is going to rock my world, or make me realize they were the goalie for the dart team in college?  Is this person "smart"?"Smart" is something everyone has been striving for, but I'm here ...

Musings on HIMSS 2014

Published on 03/12/2014 by Jay Bazzinotti
Category: Healthcare IT

HIMSS 2014 was my first trade show as a Park Place employee, and my first experience with the healthcare IT industry. I was standing in the booth the first day of the event when a man came by and looked around.“Can I help you?” I asked.“Not really,” he said, “We used to use Park Place International but my company switched to another vendor. But sometimes I still get advice from your people....

Notes from the HIMSS14 Exhibit Hall Floor

Published on 03/03/2014 by Ken Brasch
Category: Healthcare IT

After attending the HIMSS conference in Orlando last week, I would say 2014 is the year of analytics.  Booths all across the HIMSS exposition floor advertised solutions focused on outcomes and quality.  For the longest time, we have heard the Ford commercials with the slogan “Quality is Job 1”.  In the drive to report on clinical quality measures to meet Meaningful Use objectives, healthcare is now faced with the challenge of how to harvest the ...

A Day In the Life

Published on 02/19/2014 by Dan Sabo
Category: Healthcare IT

It’s getting hard to keep up.  How do you keep your equipment up to speed, your techs sharp, your budget low? How do you balance it all, keeping users happy, protecting your data, keeping your network secure…..while (hopefully) sleeping at night?I’ve seen the frustration firsthand.  Hospital IT departments have to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and architectures, while delivering reliable and responsive services to their users.  When doing a hardware refresh, ...