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A Day In the Life

Published on 02/19/2014 by Dan Sabo
Category: Healthcare IT

It’s getting hard to keep up.  How do you keep your equipment up to speed, your techs sharp, your budget low? How do you balance it all, keeping users happy, protecting your data, keeping your network secure…..while (hopefully) sleeping at night?

I’ve seen the frustration firsthand.  Hospital IT departments have to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and architectures, while delivering reliable and responsive services to their users.  When doing a hardware refresh, it’s important to implement quickly and minimize downtime.  And we all know how important it is to get it right the first time.  But getting it right isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t do this all the time.  How many times have you run into something like this excerpt from an install manual:  ” … needs to know how to map an SVC volume to the host. If name of the host is not the server name of the host you must specify it in the formSVCTASKHost=<name>”?  I’ll take a guess at your answer.  Probably not many times, right?

As a PPI Technical Services Engineer, I’ve got a lot of experience configuring servers, storage, and backup software.  I understand the interdependencies and “gotchas”.  In addition, I dedicate a substantial time to training on the technologies that I’m charged with implementing.  So while the hospital IT staff is continuing daily operations, I’m able to focus on quickly standing up the new hardware and preparing for a seamless migration.

So next time you’re planning to implement new technology in your data center, consider the advantages experience can bring.  You’ll not only be able to eliminate stress for your staff, but save your organization from potential headaches.  Handling the challenges of integrating new technologies into existing environments is my job…just another day in the life of a PPI engineer.

Dan Sabo is a Technical Services Engineer at Park Place International.  Dan has over 33 years of IT Engineering experience working with MEDITECH.  He has installed hundreds of MEDITECH systems, and enjoys working with customers to ensure refreshes and upgrades proceed as smoothly as possible while maintaining high levels of data protection.