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The IT Service Management Series - Part 2: Information Security Management – Beyond Compliance

Published on 03/18/2019 by Travis Campbell
Category: Compliance, Healthcare IT, Security, ITSM

   When asked, some healthcare IT companies may describe compliance season as stressful. Others might say the word “stressful” is polite. The entire activity takes us out of our comfort zone. It calls for opening your playbook to outside entities, calibrating your business to one or more third party standards, and dedicating a tremendous number of working hours. Worse yet, success rarely yields more business, but rather the ability to keep business as usual.Compliance can ...

The IT Service Management Series - Part 1: Knowledge Management – Recognizing your most valuable free asset

Published on 11/20/2018 by Travis Campbell
Category: Blog, Healthcare IT, ITSM

Taking stock of your knowledge isn’t always a proactive exercise, it may occur after the sudden loss of a key employee or a steady decline in business know-how. Few corporate assets are more complex or difficult to maintain than internal knowledge. At CloudWave, we employ some of the best technical and business minds in healthcare IT, but we are not immune to aging processes, changing environments or departing employees. More than half of today’s IT companies invest ...