OpSus Cloud Services

OpSus|Live is a secure hosting solution for MEDITECH and related applications, providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). OpSus|Live meets the increasing need for adequate storage, accessibility, and security needed to accommodate growing systems and achieve Operational Sustainability. At CloudWave, we think of Operational Sustainability as a data center's ability to deliver a consistent level of service and performance throughout varying workload cycles, evolving application usage, and system growth.

OpSus|Live achieved the "Best Practice" classification after completing the MEDITECH Infrastructure and IT Process Audit by consistently exceeding standards for assessed components, including Compliance, Service Level Agreements, Privacy, Security, Data Center Controls, Policies, as well as a variety of other process and system management categories.

OpSus|Live solves a number of operational issues, while allowing hospitals to maintain control over the MEDITECH application, by providing:


  • Stable IT Daily Operations
  • Guaranteed System Performance
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Scalable Service
  • Predictable Monthly Expenses


OpSus|Live is a complete solution with a full disaster recovery service included to protect and restore MEDITECH data and achieve security compliance.

OpSus|Live also includes a full selection of backup methodologies:


  • MAGIC Backup
  • ISB
  • In-Frame and Out-of-Frame IDR
  • MEDITECH's Backup Facilitator API


Every solution is custom built to the unique specifications and requirements of each customer's MEDITECH configuration.