IT Infrastructure

MEDITECH Implementations

CloudWave (PPI) is a leading MEDITECH Collaborative Solutions Provider, with proven expertise successfully implementing and operating MEDITECH's MAGIC, Client/Server and 6.x versions, including 6.15.


We collaborate with MEDITECH's Systems Development team and Technology Partners to integrate findings from certification testing with our experience running MEDITECH in our OpSus Cloud and supporting customer on premise platforms, to develop sustainable MEDITECH Reference Architectures. These architectural templates provide a safe launching point for systems designs that can be customized to the hospital's enterprise environment.  Customers are assured a solid, sustainable technology design with adequate headroom for systems performance and a path for growth.



CloudWave's field engineers have deep MEDITECH domain expertise and extensive experience implementing and configuring technology for all versions of the MEDITECH platform.

They thoroughly understand how systems are designed for MEDITECH, how to build each component into the existing environment, as well as how to optimally configure storage, network, and virtualization. CloudWave's integration facility unpacks, tests, and pre-integrates components to expedite on-site installation. Our knowledge and planning ensures the delivery of a MEDITECH-ready platform that meets performance and application requirements.

Professional Project Management

Our Project Managers work with customers, partners, and MEDITECH to guarantee site readiness, keep project timelines on track, and coordinate activities. Each Project Manager plays a pivotal role in the implementation process, acting as a single point of contact for all aspects of the engagement. End-to-end Project Management Services are designed to identify and resolve issues before they become problems, coordinate efforts, and communicate progress. This allows our customers to focus on other priorities.

Infrastructure Support

CloudWave provides ongoing support for your installed solution with OpSus Cloud Care Support.  Cloud Care provides infrastructure support designed for the hybrid private cloud.¬† Whether your infrastructure lives in a private cloud within your hospital data center, or in the OpSus Cloud, or both, Cloud Care provides the technical expertise and support needed to sustain your critical MEDITECH system.

CloudWave specializes in supporting multi-vendor MEDITECH solutions comprised of servers, storage, network, backup, and virtualization technologies. We are a single point of contact for any technology issue within your MEDITECH platform, and maintain strong relationships and specialized escalation processes with each MEDITECH-approved technology partner.