About CloudWave

Management Team

Dan Spulecki, Director, Technology Services

Dan  Spulecki, Director, Technology Services

Dan Spulecki is a motivated, service delivery professional with multiple skill sets and a successful 16-year track record of managing the delivery of technical professional services for CloudWave. As Director, Technology Solutions, Dan ensures CloudWave is a top services provider demonstrating his skills in customer service, organization, communication and problem solving.

Since his early days with Data General Corporation, Dan has accumulated over thirty years of computer IT experience focusing on system implementations and services delivery. With over 500 successful project implementations completed during his 16 year tenure with CloudWave International, Dan has proven himself to be among the most experienced in his field, and possesses a deep understanding of a client's MEDITECH environment and system requirements. He possesses a talent for quickly mastering technology fundamentals, personnel and resource management, project scheduling and cost management. His diplomatic and tactful approach with customers and business partners results in cooperative working environments in multi-vendor implementations.

Mark Nickerson, Director, Technology Services

Mark  Nickerson, Director, Technology Services

Mark Nickerson is Director, Technology Services Group. In addition to overseeing and facilitating the delivery of technology integration solutions, Mark's continued process innovation ensures a sensible, quality driven product.  Mark has been working in Information Technology, and specifically with MEDITECH, for the past 16 years.  He began as a field engineer at JJWild, and worked through the acquisition by Perot Systems to become Systems Integration Senior Manager of the MEDITECH Solutions Group within DELL, where he developed his deep understanding of MEDITECH Infrastructure and a passion for the simple, practical, effective solution.

Mark holds a B.S. from Olivet University and resides in Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

Jayson Stokes, Director, Solution Architects

Jayson  Stokes, Director, Solution Architects

Jayson joined CloudWave in 2008 to implement and oversee its virtualization strategy. Jayson brings 18 years' experience in the IT industry with the last 10 focused specifically within the MEDITECH market.

Jayson leverages wide ranging practical knowledge to create innovative processes, positioning an enterprise at the forefront of the industry. As virtualization within the MEDITECH community continues to grow at record pace, Jayson possesses a unique skillset that allows him to not only develop and drive the business, but also continues to ensure high levels of quality as an individual contributor, performing the implementations, support and training within the virtualization space. Jayson graduated in 1991 from Boston University with a BA in Psychology, under a full-scholarship for running Track.

Michael Donahue, Managing Director, Technical Consulting

Michael Donahue, Director, Technical Consulting

Mike brings over 10 years MEDITECH experience across multiple roles, as both an end user customer and as a service provider at Dell Services and CloudWave. Mike started his career at Saints Memorial Hospital in Lowell, MA on the internal IT help desk. In his most recent role as Senior Technical Consultant at CloudWave, he provided a variety of services, including systems performance analysis, configuration reviews, identification of opportunities to improve performance/availability, strategic planning and assessments, and the development of recommendations relating to the implementation and/or configuration of systems.  In his current role as Managing Director, Mike is responsible for leading an elite team of Consultants and managing the delivery of technical consulting services.  Mike enjoys working with customers, and says his best days are when he is able to help a customer identify their true needs and align them for future success.

Mike hold multiple advanced technical certifications and is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Healthcare Management.  He resides in New Hampshire where he and his wife are raising 3 wonderful children.

Joe Kelly, Director & Senior Principal Consultant

Joe Kelly, Director and Senior Principal Consultant

Joe has been working with Healthcare providers and/or payers since the mid 1980's and focused solely on MEDITECH and MEDITECH hospitals since 1997. Joe has provided technology consulting, architecture, design and planning services while at organizations such as EDS, JJWILD, Perot Systems, Dell Services, and since 2011, CloudWave. Joe's overall goal is to bring the leveraged, cloud-based virtual universe down to earth to most effectively meet real world objectives for MEDITECH hospitals. Joe has a BS in Computer Information Systems from Bentley University.

Rob Bruno, Senior Technical Principal

Rob Bruno, Senior Technical Principal

Rob has worked closely with MEDITECH senior engineering since 1991 while working for Gandalf Systems. After joining JJWild in 1993, and subsequently Perot Systems and Dell Services, he has continued to work closely with engineering resources to develop customer support networks; disaster recovery procedures and cloud based hosting facilities. Rob shares a common goal of making the cloud computing model work in the real world of Healthcare Information Systems. Rob holds a B.A. in Computer Information Sciences and Mathematics from Iona College.

Mark Luquire, Director, Cloud Operations

Mark  Luquire, Director, Cloud Operations

Mark joined CloudWave from CHRISTUS Health where he served in various IT managerial roles and has been in the MEDITECH space for over a decade.  As Director of Cloud Operations, Mark is responsible for managing all aspects of cloud services including leading a team of engineers and administrators charged with customer delivery, management, and support of OpSus Cloud Solutions.  Mark's primary guiding principle is "In healthcare IT, the patient must always come first!"

Mark has an MBA from Keller Graduate School and lives in Texas where he enjoys walks with his dog, listening to music, and helping to support an annual charity event in his name.

Christine Mellyn, Director, Marketing

Christine Mellyn, Director, Marketing

Christine Mellyn is Director of Marketing at CloudWave International, responsible for marketing, events, products, and alliances.  Before joining CloudWave, Christine was the Core Technology Product Manager at JJWild, Perot Systems, and the MEDITECH Solutions Group within Dell.  She was responsible for the development, launch, and ongoing management of technology solutions and cloud services for MEDITECH. Her prior experience includes program development for technology companies, as well as hands-on MEDITECH application experience.

Christine is an active member of the MUSE Commercial Member Committee. Christine holds a B.S. in Management with a concentration in Marketing from Bridgewater State College and resides in Massachusetts with her husband and two daughters.

Lynne Saia, Director, Human Resources

Lynne Saia, Director, Human Resources

As Director of Human Resources, Lynne Saia is essential to the internal workings and overall health of CloudWave.  Lynne has a broad array of responsibilities including onboard orientations, ensuring legal compliance, and facilitating overall employee relations.  Lynne is also responsible for building infrastructure around human resources and managing both benefits and compensation.  Lynne joined CloudWave from Kyruus, a healthcare software company, where she worked as an HR professional.

Lynne has a B.S. in Business Administration from Stonehill College.