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Past Presentations

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Lessons Learned for a Successful Deployment

Presented by Matt Donahue, Leo Maguire, Samuel Mata, CloudWave, and Annette Ballard, Murray-Calloway County Hospital
May, 2014

MEDITECH requires a 3- tier connectivity solution for connecting wireless devices and devices in remote locations to the MEDITECH HCIS. Join our panel of industry experts and an experienced customer in a round table discussion where we will dive into the real-world challenges of deploying and using a 3-tier solution, whether on-site in your data center or delivered from a cloud provider. We will examine a variety of issues associated with implementing client access, including firewall security, session roaming, end-user devices, printing, and BYOD (bring-your-own device) policies, and strategies to address them.

To view the presentation, click here: MUSE Presentation 1094



Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery - Improving Cost and Performance

Presented by Mark Middleton, CloudWave, and Audrey Parks, Salinas Valley Healthcare System
May 2014

Disaster recovery services can be complex and costly, but absolutely essential in our world of electronic medical records and healthcare reform.  Join Audrey Parks, Senior Administrative Director of IT at Salinas Valley, and Mark Middleton, Vice President of Cloud Services at CloudWave as they discuss ideas for advancing disaster recovery solutions for healthcare, including ways to reduce Recover Point and Time Objectives, strategies for reducing cost, resilient network designs, and lessons learned from real-world implementation and testing.  The session will include how to determine critical services, tips for implementation and testing, an overview of network designs, backup technologies, client access methods, and data replication technologies.

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MEDITECH Technical Systems Update 2014

Presented by Jim Fitzgerald, Joseph Kelley, Mark Middleton, Rob Bruno, Leo Maguire, and Samuel Mata, CloudWave
May 2014

Exciting things are happening at MEDITECH with their upcoming Ambulatory EHR, Business Analytics, new Web front ends in 6.1.4 and up, as well as ever-expanding interoperability and extensive updates to support ARRA. Join CTO Matt Donahue, Jim Fitzgerald and a panel of Senior Technical Staff from CloudWave International to get an up-to-the conference view of these important evolutions to MEDITECH and how they will impact planning for access, availability, networks, systems, storage, and security. Participants will gain important insights as to how to align their technology strategy to best take advantage of new developments. The panel will also devote some time to the current state of the MEDITECH technology platform and share the most recent insights on backup and recovery, disk and file access table defragmentation, systems management, and security given MEDITECH’s most recent technical bulletins. Time will also be allotted for extensive Q&A, so bring your tough questions with you!

Click to view MUSE Presentation 1100



Revisiting Network and Security Architecture in the Virtual Era

Presented by Jim Fitzgerald and Jay Bazzinotti, CloudWave
May 2014

Virtualization has taken over server farms and is bleeding its way into storage and networking. The disbursement of Meaningful Use dollars has been accompanied by a new set of audit teeth in the HIPAA and HITECH acts. Networks architected and installed during the Clinton/Bush era cannot handle the full-blown “network computer” created by virtualization nor can they easily accommodate the security and availability needs of modern healthcare. Join leading technologists from CloudWave for a fast-paced discussion of new technologies that lower the cost of modern networking, enhance internal and external security, and improve systems availability in line with planned enhancements to the MEDITECH platform.

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Build a Reliable Infrastructure for Patient Care

Presented by Matt Donahue, CloudWave, and Michael Martz, Meadville Medical Center
May 2014

Now more than ever, your MEDITECH HCIS is a critical instrument in providing patient care.  Matt Donahue, CloudWave’s CTO, reviews the technology and design options available to build a resilient, highly available private cloud infrastructure platform for the MEDITECH HCIS.  Meadville Medical Center put high availability, data recovery, and operational continuance considerations as priorities when it came to implementing MEDITECH 6.1.  Learn from Mike Martz, CIO, about his organization’s goals and concerns, the impact they had on the design process, and the strategies and technologies they deployed to meet these goals.

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